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5.0 vs. 4.6

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Need some advice
I am coming apon age to drive and am going to buy a stang. I'm only 13 but my dad is allowing me to buy it early to begin work on it. I have 16,000 to play with from saving and inheritance. I have narrowed it down to 2 choices. Buying a late model Foxbody for a couple thousand and dropping in a new 302 (345HP vs. 225HP at engine). Then I would still have money for Supercharger, Nitrous, Wheels, Heads, Headers and exhaust system. These are all possibilities. My other choice is to get a 00 to 03 GT for all the money I have. So I would not be able to buy any HP Parts. Meaning I would be stuck with 260 HP for a while until I get some more money. But the newer model would probably be in better shape and be more comfortable and economical. Somebody please help
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13 and planning for his first car...feeling 260 hp is not enough for a FIRST car...:sosad:

Kid, why don't you focus on your grades and worry about your first car when you get there ? Still a long way to 2008...
And when you get there, get yourself something more manageable: now you wouldn't want to wrap your car around a tree or something like that, would you ? There are too many teenagers out there that think they are invincible and they are the best drivers in the world and instead they are just the best friends of hospitals and funeral homes, seen all the business they provide for them...
PS: "parking lot experience" does not count as driving experience...
I wanted to clarify that, in case your young age deceives you...
:sosad: :sosad: :sosad: :sosad: :sosad: :sosad:
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alot of these guy offering advise to you can't tame the GT they just bought
I waited all my life for someone like you to come and teach all of us how to drive a Mustang GT, to show us the light, and finally here you are ! Praise the Lord...
aHHHH you are welcome my son. If you require any other assistance run the lamp 3 times and also drop $100 bill inside. :cool:
I was actually serious... :sosad:
Eheheheh ;)
1 - 4 of 38 Posts
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