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5.0 vs. 4.6

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Need some advice
I am coming apon age to drive and am going to buy a stang. I'm only 13 but my dad is allowing me to buy it early to begin work on it. I have 16,000 to play with from saving and inheritance. I have narrowed it down to 2 choices. Buying a late model Foxbody for a couple thousand and dropping in a new 302 (345HP vs. 225HP at engine). Then I would still have money for Supercharger, Nitrous, Wheels, Heads, Headers and exhaust system. These are all possibilities. My other choice is to get a 00 to 03 GT for all the money I have. So I would not be able to buy any HP Parts. Meaning I would be stuck with 260 HP for a while until I get some more money. But the newer model would probably be in better shape and be more comfortable and economical. Somebody please help
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At your age I wouldn't even be thinking of a supercharger or especially nitrous, that is some pretty mean and nasty stuff and will potentially get you either in a lot of trouble with the law or dead. Stick with a stock engine for now. Do you really think you need a 500HP car at 16? :shocked:
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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