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5.0 with a 4 cyl. t5 question?

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I have a 89 mjustang , 5.0 with a 4 cyl. t5 temporaraly instead of a v8 t5. I have read up that its ok to use an in fact some people have gone in the 12s with this set up.I know the input shaft is smaller and the synchrose are diferent, why am i told that i might hate this set up? can i get some input?
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I'm running an 89 2.3L t-5 in my 90 gt and it's not to bad. All gears are lower except 4th is still 1 to 1. The shifts are choppy and you will never hook first or second gear but if you want a tire shredder it's fun for as long as the trans lasts. They're only rated at 240 lbs torque so careful how you drive it or it will break. And the FoxChassis is right, I used the 83 2.2L diesel ranger bearing.
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