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5 lug conversion

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:handball: Even though it only has 56,000 on it and I like having 15's all around, I want to go to 5 lug. Does anybody know it I can pick up bigger spindles and brakes for the front? I plan on using a 65-66 8in rear on the back for the bigger drum brakes. It already has an 8in in the rear but nobody can give me the length of the axles so I am going with a complete rear swap. Any help would be apreciated. thanks :?:
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have you tried rotors off a say 75 ltd it is 5 lug but the bearings I am not sure about you could probably use the same spindle
:cool: I spoke with a guy on ebay the other day and he is selling an adapter to allow me to use granada brake rotors and calipers on my original spindles. I just didnt want to use those 5 lug rotors that are the same size that you can get for my II. I want safe brakes. You dont happen to know how long the axles are in the rear end do you? Then all I would really have to do is get new backing plates and shoes and hardware and drums. thanks for the help. :wavey
why don't you use a 64-68 mustang rear end or the granada rearend
:eyepoppin In going thru all of this I spoke to the guys at moser and they couldnt give me the legnth of the II's axles so I went to the editor of Mustang Monthly and their question and answer guy and he gave me the axle legnths of both the 65-66 and the II's. I just wanted the axles because they both use an 8in rear,as far as the front goes fatrodder carries a 9in front rotor with 5-41/2 ford pattern that i can use on the stack spindle and use the same bearings.So all I have to do now is come up with the backing plates and hardware for the 10in rear brakes and Iam in business. Oh and by the way the 65-66 axles are only a 1/4in longer than stock II axles, so you should still be able to use them. :drool:
on my 76 mustang i went with a 9in rearend out of a 1957 fairlain 23 spline its 50in and a stump out of 1973 pickup 355 gears installed 23 spline mini spool great highway gear and the backing plates off of a 75 granada perfect fit added 2 springs from the granada to help with ride and body roll air shocks alone made it unstable at high speeds even with rear swaybar used spendles from 77 maveric just swaped sides to change to front steer and took them to the machine shop and had the tyrod conector beveled from the top to level the rack drives and breaks fine from hard or soft stop lines up great daily driver the only thing ive noticed is when i jack up the car the wheels tilt in slightly but no problems with it yet great tire wear and it hooks up well wheel sizes 15x6 front 15x10 rear cragar yes its old school and only a toy and all the parts can be found dirt cheap just take a ride in the contry or your local scrap yard or rod shop total on build $350.00 any questions just eml me [email protected]
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