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5 lug conversion

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:handball: Even though it only has 56,000 on it and I like having 15's all around, I want to go to 5 lug. Does anybody know it I can pick up bigger spindles and brakes for the front? I plan on using a 65-66 8in rear on the back for the bigger drum brakes. It already has an 8in in the rear but nobody can give me the length of the axles so I am going with a complete rear swap. Any help would be apreciated. thanks :?:
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have you tried rotors off a say 75 ltd it is 5 lug but the bearings I am not sure about you could probably use the same spindle
why don't you use a 64-68 mustang rear end or the granada rearend
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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