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5 speed pedal assembly problems?

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I am just about finished with an AOD to T5 swap but looking at the pedal assembly worries me. On the clutch pedal is a broken plastic piece that is held on by a counterpin. Do you guys have any clue if I need it or what it is? Also on the assembly is a grey plug in with a red and green wire, what is it used for. Any help ASAP would be awesome, I'm ready to finish this thing and get my fox back on the road. Thanks.
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I believe that wires u are talking about are for the saftey netrual swith. so the car will not start until the cluth is pushed in.
That's what we figured, but we still need to know what the other piece is. When you push in the clutch pedal it doesn't come back. I put a steeda quadrant on the assembly, would it need an aftermarket spring or something?
You don't need a spring.
If you didn't get the Steeda Quadrant installation instructions with your quadrant this will help
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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