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5lug conversion & trans swap questions

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Hey guys I am currently doing a 5 lug conversion on the front of my 1983 foxbody. I have the spindles in and everything buttoning together except my struts. I was told the foxbody struts would bolt onto the sn95 spindles and yet only 1 hole lines up and the other looks as if its an 1/8th " off.

As for my other question; I'm also doing a t5 - c4 trans swap and I have the c4 bolted to the motor and the torque converter is sitting away from the flexplate (haven't pulled it forward yet to fit in the holes) when I try to rotate my motor from the crank pulley it is extremely stiff and requires ALOT of torque to rotate. what could be causing this? just stiff from not running / oil circulating for a season or do I have a bigger issue?

Thank you guys in advanced!
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i just converted my 85 to five lug using sn95 spindles from a 95 car and had to buy new struts for the front. you have to buy ones for an 87-93 because one of the holes on the strut are elongated and the bolts line right up. i used strange 10way adjustable good luck
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