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5th gear bearing noise in TR3650

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Has anyone noticed a growling noise in 5th gear with the manual trans? I only started hearing it when the colder weather showed up and only for the first mile or two under a load, like going up a hill. 1 through 4 sound fine but 5th sounds like a bad bearing. There's a TSB 05-8-8 that is similar but only regarding 2nd and 3rd during deceleration. I'd just like to give the dealer as much info as possible because when I called them about front end popping problem, they were completely clueless. I had to inform them about the TSB. Maybe I just got a bum trans? That would be my luck :shrug
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I think my 3rd 4th and 5th all make the annoying humming noise!!! I noticed it after I was trying to shift to 4th racing a crotch rocket and hit 2second instead... Yea barely recovered that one, I was winning the race too but he safely flew by me after that.... I have had some serious bad luck with this hurst shifter cause it's HARD to get in gear but it sure looks good!!!
I have 10K on this car and this is the first time I've heard this noise and it is only in 5th gear and goes away after about a mile or two of driving. Going back down to 4th makes it go away and it'll come back as soon as you shift back into 5th. I know that's what the dealer will tell me "they all sound like that".

Thanks for the info on the Hurst. I think they look great too but it sounds like maybe the Tri-Ax works better. You know you've got a fast car when you've got can challenge someone on a sport bike! :tongue
worked for me

I ,too, have a 2004 mustang gt with a nasty noise in fifth gear. One you can hear and feel if you rest your hand on the shifter.

I should say I had that noise( it may be back tomorrow).hahah

I was looking to find a garage to rebuild the t3650 and almost had ordered the bearing kit. I took it to a local garage and they drained the fluid and added just over three and a quarter liters of dextron/mercon equivalant tranny fluid, with the new full level about three quarters of an inch below the bottom of the filler hole. This is what ford recommended in its tsb and , what ya know, it worked fine.
noise no more

I drained the fluid from the t3650 and added roughly 3 and one quarter liters of dextron/mercon equivalent fluid with the new full level about three quarters of an inch below the bottom of the fill hole. Right now the noise is no more.
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