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600hp 2v 4.6 ?

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Hey guys, so it's been over 3 years since i've even made a post, sold my mustang at the end of '09 for a family car due to kids.

Hopefully i'm about to have a new job in which i'll be making 3x more money than i've ever made, but it's had me looking around and thinking. here's my HYPOTHETICAL questions...

If i get an 00-04 GT (like i had) is it possible to get 600HP out of it safely? By safely i mean to where i can drive it every weekend if i want . i've seen that some have made 1200+hp on twin turbo set ups but died after 4-5 races.

I do know that i would need to have the bottom end rebuilt but would that be good enough ? can that bottom end handle it? also, whats the hp ratings on the T-45 ('00-01) and the T-3650 ('01-04)?
i would like a twin turbo set up, since SC's seem more common around this area, and i like to be different !! :bigthumbsup I do understand that i would need to re-do pretty much the entire suspension, subframe connectors and all that but does anybody else have any advice?

(PS: no i would not rather buy a cobra or anything like that. in a way i want a sleeper to some extent. something people think is just a nice sounding GT then i'm gone :D)

Thanks guys, hopefully i'll be working on this soon. once i start this job my wife said i have to wait till the 2nd month before getting a new GT so i'm looking for one that is pretty much 100% stock with less than 90,000 miles and a 5 speed. then it's time to fix'er up !!!!
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Send a pm to willyg1997. He's up around the power level you desire and can guide you through some of the in's and out's of how to get there and then keep it all together once you're there.

The trans may last a while as long as you're running street tires; with anything sticky and a fortified rear end it will become the weak link though. I forget the exact numbers I've read, but both of those transmissions are officially rated for somewhere in the neighborhood of 375-400 ft/lbs torque.
Just so I can understand you, are you talking 600 flywheel hp or 600 rwhp?
Preferably RWHP. I'm not saying it has to be exact but that would be my goal.
600 rwhp is reachable with a built short-block, ported stock heads and twin turbos. It's going to cost you alot if you are not doing all the labor yourself. Stock trans. isn't going to last long and that's if it last past the dyno. Rear end is going to have to be built, a complete suspension upgrade and very expensive.

You can reach that goal with a single turbo, still expensive but cheaper than a twin turbo and less piping.
Ya I know it'll be expensive. I'm also trying to find a good crate motor that can almost just drop in that would be a better starting point.
What would u suggest about the trans? Best route for safest trans for the hp
Americanpowertrain sell good trans. I'm currently running a tko600 with my setup. Some people don't like them and some do. I haven't had no problems with mine and I really do like it. You can send your stock trans. off to be built but with 600 rwhp you might want a built auto. Those turbos are going to make a lot of tq.
Nope I want a 5/6 speed biggest mistake ever was having an auto in my last gt. I gotta have a stick!!
THark give these guys a call they can get you off to an excellent start with the route you want to go. They have some excellent products and great crate motor assemblies!
Modular Mustang Racing
with the money youre spending why not buy a termi and KNOW nothing will go kaplow when you stomp on it
It can be done, but you need to form a thorough plan before starting. Set honest goals. A build the power LAST, start with prepping the rest of the car for that much power, if you don't build the car for it that much power isn't going to be driveable for long.
I have a few threads on here asking about turbos. Look them up it may help you out. And yes 600 rwh is very possible with a built bottom end, a better transmission, and some suspension work and rear end work. The turbo is a much better route than a supercharger any day. Just remember that with twins you will have two of everything and make sure you get a catch can. You wont believe how much oil I saved from going back into my intake. 03/04 Cobras were not the end all of never having problems. Ya its great they had a run of the mill everyday supercharger, forged crank, rods, strong block, etc. ...but there were a big lot of them frying pistons, major heat soaking issues and blowing out spark plugs for starters.
Don't know from experience, but i've definitely seen strong running 600HP+ mustangs. I read somewhere about a guy with like, 550 HP that had 181k.
I'd have Tim Eichhorn at MPR in Boynton Beach, FL build you an engine. I'd personally choose a supercharger since you said you're looking for reliability (ATI ProCharger). And of course, I'd recommend UPR Products suspension to harness all of that power. Mustang Parts & Performance - UPR Products
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