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64 1/2 mustang shuts off

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ok me and my cousin are working on his 64 1/2 289 stang and when we turn the ignition it will crank and start then die but if we hot wire it it stays on?? any suggestions?
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Sounds sort of like something that happened to me. I was at my friends shop, I had just stopped by to say hi. He wanted to see the car, so I grabbed my rag and cleaned the oil off of the engine. Well, said goodbye, the car cranked, it started for a second, then died. None of us could figure out what had happened. So we looked at everything to find out what wsa wrong, but we couldn't find it. Then I noticed a red wire that wasn't attached to anything. While cleaning up the oil the rag had bumped the red postive lead off of the ignition coil.

I would say start by checking the wiring around the coil, it definately sounds like something is either not connected or improperly connected.
ill make sure to check all the wires around that area:bigthumbsup
got it running, he forgot the resistor lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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