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I've been reading all the forum posts about the 64E's and 64W's and what people like/dislike about them and I decided to add my 2 cents.

Personally I like the 64E's better than the 64W's, I love the chrome of the 64W's but the wheel type to me is old, my 03 GT has the 64E's wheel type but in Anthracite. to me for the 05/06 model year the 64W's are a change from the same old type of mustang wheel. I would love to have the 64E's in chrome.

So for me the question is how much would it cost to get the 64E's chromed? has anyone else thougth about doing this?

Would'nt 18" fanblade bullits look alot better than the 64W's?

What do you guys think?
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