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65 Coupe Heater Box Question

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I have a 65 Coupe 289 3 Speed Heater. I am replacing my Heater Box and like a dummy threw the old one out. I bought the incorrect one for a 64 1/2 and was told it is the same box just does not have a resistior hole? Does anyone have a picture or descrpition of what U am suppposed to have. The one I have is $100 less, so if it is an easy modify I will keep it. Thanks - Scott
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The only difference between a 64 box and a 65, 66 box is the resistor.
The later models have a small cut out in the cabin side of the box for the resistor to fit in place.
The 64's had a 2 speed fan which requires no resistor.
You might be able to get the shop to swap the front cover plate as that is the only difference.

65 heater box.,d.dGc&psig=AFQjCNEl0--CpzyksKlWYbCLajBgCWxEhw&ust=1418586733988460
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This may be what you are looking for:

Another pix. with hole only where Resistor goes

These came from Google images; I do not know the original posters.

Hope this helps

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Thanks Joe

This was exactly what I was looking for. I can easily cut that hole in and move on. Thanks again - Scott
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