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'65 front suspension torque specs?

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I am replacing tie rods and all bushings in the front end, is there any torque specs for them?
1. Outer tie rods?
2. Inner tie rods?
3. Tie rod sleeves?
4. Sway bar end links?
5. Sway bar bushings?
6. Strut rod bushings?
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Do you torque the or just tighten by hand?
From the 1965 Mustang shop Manual (I think as some of the terms are different and not always crystal clear):

1. Outer tie rods? 30-40 ft. lbs.
2. Inner tie rods? 30-40
3. Tie rod sleeves? 30-40
4. Sway bar end links? 5-11
5. Sway bar bushings? 17-25 (lock nuts)
6. Strut rod bushings? ??? (lock or castle nuts) (I tightend mine quite a bit.

Also the other end of the strut rods are supposed to be 55-70. The wheels need to be under load (not hanging freely) to get the strut rod installed properly or the holes will not line up correctly. My car is on jackstands, so I lifted the tire a bit with a jack.
Awesome, thank you. I have the old chiltons manual but it doesn't cover much of that.
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