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Hi to all,
I just purchase a 65 ford mustang coupe. The car is in good condition, it has a straight body no dents or rust. Thank god. It was originally a V6 they converted it over to a 302 V8 engine, with headers, and i believe 514 cams, it has a 4 barrel carb. My question is what do you guys recommend for Disc Brakes? and the suspension, it still has the V6 suspension? Any suggestions would be appreciated.:laughlitt
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Well it was never a V6.
Straight six yes.
Beside the point anyway.
There are alot of front disc conversion kits but they are pricey.
You can almost take the disk setup off a old Fairlane (70-80's vintage) and convert it.
Also there is a Chevy Truck that will virtually bolt up too. Dont know which one though.
Cruise the Stang pages and you will find major info on doing it.
Just stay with the rear drum.

Ive got a '66 I am converting to a v8 and disc brakes. So, I recommend to go to and check out what they have to offer. They have Independent Rear Suspension set ups, but they run around $4000 and up. The disc brake conversion I believe is around $2000 and check out their front coil over conversions too. I say convert all the S6 to v8 suspension.

I have a 66 coupe that I am doing the conversion on right now. It still has the 200 ci 6 cyl. in it now but I have converted the front to a SSBC disk brake setup using 64 comit spindles. I had to change the outer tie rod ends to V8 ones and then I have the flamming river rack n' pinoin kit on order. For the rear I used a 79 Ford Granada 8" (eventually will be a 9" but I found this rear at the local pick n' pull and it was only $65 bucks) I will also be adding an Air Ride tech bolt in 4-link setup in the rear, along with their kit for the front, but that won't be until early next year. As of right now I have 17" cobra wheels on, but I bought the wheels and tires for a really good price. Will eventually be getting some 17" bullit style wheels.

Here are a few pics. These are after I did the front conversion, and before I swapped the rear
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