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66 Mustang I6 trade for 63 F100 thoughts?

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So I am thinking of trading my 66 'Stang for a 63 F100 stepside.

The Mustang has some underbelly rust but is in overall nice driver shape. I have $2500 in new parts in it and am looking at trading it for a 63 F100 stepside at a local classic car dealership. The owner came by at lunch today to take a look and said he could do a trade plus some cash on my end but I am thinking they're both worth about the same, mine maybe less. He's asking $5k for the truck so what's the most you would be willing to put in for the trade? I am thinking no more than $300 myself but just looking for opinions.


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More pics. The F100 has a 390 AT and the Mustang has an inline 6 so that's probably why he wants some cash on the deal but I dont know.


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Since last June I have put in:

Painless wiring harness
Dakota Digital Dash
New Alternator
New Distributor
New plugs and wires
New reburbished carb
New Shocks
Chrome shock tower caps
Chrome export brace
Stripped and painted the valve cover with new gasket
New door hinges
New window regulators
New Scott Drake satin finish door handles
New heater core and heater hoses
New ignition and door locks plus ignition switch
Billet e-brake handle

I'm sure there's a couple more things but that's all that comes to mind for now. The car runs and drives good, just need to get an exhaust leak fixed but has never left me stranded other than my own stupidity of not putting enough gas in and ran out of gas once facepalm2.gif
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Hello. :) First, some pictures of your car would really help out a bunch, but, with that being said, I think that if this was my truck, I would probably want some money with your car, also. That is a very difficult truck to break. :gringreen It could use paint and some fluffing up under the hood, but, assuming that everything works, that's a pretty neat truck. If I was you, I would expect him to start off at asking for about a grand along with your car, but, there could be some flexibility in that. I would try to beat him up as badly as possible on that. :)
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Hello. :) I would try to beat him up as badly as possible on that. :)
Somehow I just knew you had a little "mean streak" you kept hidden. ........... You Go Girl !!:)
You need figure what he paid for the truck. Plus which one will move faster off his lot. I say bring him a Pizza for lunch and call it even.
Somehow I just knew you had a little "mean streak" you kept hidden. ........... You Go Girl !!:)
Hi again. :) But, I would be nice about it. :)

Sending a pic of the digital dash installed.

Eh I'm with the guy with the pizza comment. I think it'd be a fair even trade. I've browsed through CL, compared prices to whats out there now, and I think he'd be able to move the Mustang faster and better than the truck. It is a nice truck however I don't see it being sought after so much as the Mustang.

I'm going to take it over today and see what kind of deal we can make but being a dealer I know he'll try to squeeze me for something. I'll just stand my ground. I've walked away from dealers before leaving them thinking "that damn guy" dissapointed.gif


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I would give him maybe $500. your dash seems to be cut up and at least $3000 for a good paint job for yours. and that's if your body is straight and bondo free.
Selling instead of trading

I actually decided to hold onto the Mustang and sell it and look for a classic Chevy stepside. I can hear all your boos from here and see you guys forming a lynch mob az.gif

I'm just more of a Chevy/GM guy. I got the Mustang on a trade and its really the only Ford I've ever really liked but I had second thoughts about trading it to get a Ford truck. It was a nice truck but still.

So the car is up for sale for anyone interested. True it needs $3k worth of paint and body unless you're a body man yourself then it can be done on the cheap. I have $2500 into it in parts, have all receipts, work was done between last June and today.

Also just put the finishing touch on the freshly painted air cleaner last night.


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