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66 Mustang Inline Project

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hello all

Im new to this world and I would like to learn everything I can about Mustangs so I will need your help, so a good way to learn is working on your own project, I have a project 66 mustang Inline automatic but Im not sure if I should do a swap V8 or Rebuild Engine and transmission, since you all have done both which one would you recommend?
so far Im still doing homework with the computer searching on google and the forums but I can not find projects from start to finished and thats gets me confused so thats why Im not sure what do at the moment,
I do have a donor 92 mustang lx automatic to swap the V8 to the Inline and I Found couple of threads
Swapping A 5.0L EFI & T-5 Into A Classic Mustang

66 coupe-v8 conversion - CJ Pony Parts Forums

I know must of you did this swap, is that all I need to do V8 swap or there is anything else I have to get or do?
what else I can use from the donor car?
for now the first thing Im going to do is pull the Engine and transmission, work on the body fixing those rusty areas and do disc brakes, Can i swap the brake system from the donor car, if not where you guys recommend to get the kit from??, thanks everybody.
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Switch to the v8, i have a v8 and the sound fits the car perfectly, along with the torque power. Plus if you ever want to sell it one day you would get a remarkably larger amount of money for a v8 compared to a inline, even if its not the original one:)
Haha yeah ^^ i did 100 in the three speed auto with 2.7 gears and still had more to go with the 289. Crazy for such an older car
But it just gets too crazyy loud for my liking at that speed in a convertible haha
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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