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67 Cougar/Mustang rear end???

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I have a picture of the tag on my rear end and was wondering if that could be decoded to tell if it is an 8 inch or a 9 inch as well as what gears would be in it too. Here's a pic of the tag. Any info would be great! thanks!


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WDY is always an 8" rear axle and the -W tells you the ratio. Except I don't find -W in the Ford car parts manual up to 1972. Some sites say its a 3.00:1 but that is easy enough for you to check.

7FE says it was made in the 5th week of June more than likely 1977; June 26 was the first day of that 5th week of June. That would explain why its not in the 1972 parts list.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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