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67' Coupe Front Lowering Help

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Is there any certain way to remove the coils and shocks from the front suspension in order to cut the coils?
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Yes the process is described inthe Ford Mustang Shop Manual. You will need a spring compressor, remove the shock, use the spring compressor to remove the spring. Cut the spring or install new lowering springs. While you have the spring out you could do the Arning drop on your upper control arm. An in expensive way to improve handling. Be very careful with the spring compressor. Google and see if you can find a video on Utube.
I couldn't seem to find anything about the Arning drop if you could link me to a video or post that'd be awesome.
I'll echo the caution about using the spring compressor. When you get the spring out of the car treat it as if it is a bomb. Don't use an impact wrench on the compressor when compressing the spring.
if you install lowering coils or cut the existing coils the springs will be easier when installing. When removing the existing springs take your time and dont try to create any short cut when removing them.
You can lose fingers, hand, or get the sh.t knocked out of you if not careful.I installed my 1" lowering 620's without a spring compressor. I just pulled down with 2 hands and they went right in.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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