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Hey all,

Well as I have said before this car my first restore and the engine is my first rebuild. When I got the car I tore it down, including the engine, photographing it the whole way to make sure I could put it together. As I found out during the tear down, the previous ownwer could not drive his way out of a wet paper bag so a lot of the photos are invalid. Now I am left with some gaps on putting it back together both from it not being setup right and my inexperience. So hoping you guys can help me out!

Note - The engine is a 351W

Question 1 - Intake Vaccum Fitting

So in one of the attached pictures you see a pipe fitting with a vaccum manafold on it. This is what was on the engine. Now I may be incorrect in thinking here, but should there not be some type of check valve or something? I know the PCV valve is on the passenger side valve cover and this connects to that along with the carb and other car components, but it seems like something is missing from this.

So my question is, what is supposed to go there and where do I get it?

Old Vaccum Fitting -

Old Vaccum Fitting Connection Prior to Teardown -

New Vaccum Fitting Intake Spot -

Question 2 - Power Steering Pump

I believe the old power steering pump does work, the cars steering was not in working order when recieved and the engine was running too badly for me to test. Was wondering if anyone has any rebuilding tips, disassembly, cleanup, and so on. I would like to be able to reuse it if possible, clean it up and repaint it.

Power Steering Pump -

and just because I am so geeked about how the engine came out, I have to post a full pic. Now hopefully it runs as good as it looks!

Thanks for the help guys!
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