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'67 Mustang steering upgrade

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Hello. I have a '67 Mustang with the long steering shaft gear box (power steering). I'm needing to replace it and decided to switch over to a collapsible column from a '68. I'm trying to decide which way to go with it on a very limited budget, but I'm wondering about the pitman arm. What I currently have is a 1", but I'm guessing it would be best to have a 1 1/8" instead. How difficult would it be to switch over, or would it be as simple as just getting a different pitman arm? Not sure if I would have to change other components to make it work. I'm wanting to know what I would be up against before buying another steering box so I know which way to go with it.

Thank you.
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I suggest you call Dan at Chockostang and discuss you concerns and options with him. Dan is all things steering and brakes with the classic mustang and the most experienced person I know regarding classic mustang steering. He is also a valued forum member and a pretty good guy as well.

Classic Mustang Disc Brake Conversions and Power Steering

1624 Chock Rd

(217) 882 2083
(217 502 3227
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Okay. Will do. Thank you! :)
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