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"67 rear ender body panel repacement

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Had my 1967 conv get badly rearended a couple of years ago. Because of a few technicalities the insurance wouldn't cover it so I'm forced to do it on me own because I can't afford a pro. Damage is pretty extencive, I'm thinking that I'll need to replace the full left quarter panel, tail light panel, rear valance, trunk, rear trunk brace, trunk floor, all misc. associated braces and the gas tank. Major problem is: it's a big job and I'm a total novice at body work, so I'm looking for any liturature or body working manuals that would give me my best chances for success. I'm a very patient and pretty competent guy at first timer type stuff so I think that with the right tools and advice I could do a good job. Any direction or advice would be greatly appriciated!!

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Thanks for the great advice Meat. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to reevaluate my plan of attack at this point. I think it's high time to start quizzing my friends on if they have any bodyshop experience and if so, would like to mentor a wide-eyed newbie who pays in food and beer. In the meantime I figure to try to get my hands on a good MIG welder and start wreaking havoc on some unsuspecting scrap metal pieces.

I'm pretty dead set on doing this myself though. In my experience, paying a "pro" will rarely get you the same quality as doing it yourself because, one the one hand, they don't usually have the luxury of time on their side. On the other hand, the attention to detail that one put's into working on their "own baby" will almost always surpass that of someone who is doing it for a paycheck.

From looking at other posts on the subject, it looks like a lot of patience and a lot of questions should be able to get me through this.

Thanks again and I'll post some more as get into it.
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Thanks for the reply Teeto. Seems that everyone who knows what they are talking about is giving me the same advice: there is a lot that goes into fixing the damage that my vehicle has incurred. My chances of a competent repair without major headaches or timeconsuming blunders are close to nil.

Recognizing this, I've decided my best option at this point is to enroll myself into one of local community colleges' bodyworking classes and get some quality hands on experience before tackling the job. Other advantages to this include access to expert advise and good tools.

Another option I'd have with this route would be to offer up my car as a class project. I'm a little leary of this though. On the one hand, I'd be getting my own team of workers to help me out, but on the other hand, they won't be the most experienced crew in the world. Any opinions on this?

Also, does anyone have recommendation on the best place to obtain quality body panels?

Thanks again for all the advise!
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Well I'm enrolled in a bodyshop class and am ready to start getting busy making my mustang beautiful again! First step - purchase a driver side quarter panel. Here's my question & concern as Meat has so eloquently posted:

Meat said:
...finding high quality replacment panels are a chore, many of them are stamped out in third world contries like Afghanistan and are a poor fit and low quality, metalwise.
Anyone have any advice on where can I find a reputable distributor of quality sheetmetal replacement panels?

Been busy at the local Community College learning the fine art of body panel replacement. Had to dig a little deeper than first anticipated. Things are moving along though, just welded the quarter panel on the other day! Still LOTS of work to do but after all these years, something is finally happening!!

Here's a link to some pics. Hope it works and you all can see them:
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