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68, 289, stang AC and headliner

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OK, got rear ended and so for the last 6 wks ive put off fixing my constant ac probs while my poor car is getting fixed. I believe i concluded the canister was ok and was gonna look at the 3(?) diaphragm thingies under my dash to see if they leak. I was told to suck on them with a 1/8" hose to see. Does this sound correct? Those r the roundish type mechanisms, yes? (Again, the air, depending on the rpms, comes from under the dash instead of FROM the dash vents! Ugh)

Also, what should be a fair price to have a new headliner installed...ideas? Thanks, dont wanna get ripped.
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Yes, you have vacuum actuators that open/close air ducts. There's links to wire and vacuum diagrams posted on the section of threads at the top of this forum.

Headliner, dont know what it would cost as I have installed them myself and never paid someone to do it. I can tell you that the front and rear glass has to come out in order to install a head liner in your 68. Thats gonna have some added cost

Try CJ Pony parts, they should have a fixed price for a headliner install in a '68
Ok thanks. side question: can you replace the bumper guard brackets under the rear bumper, with the valance ON?
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