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68 door seals need replaced

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Can someone give me a quick tutorial in removing old damaged door seals, surface prep and reinstalling new door seals
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I assume you're talking about the door weatherstripping?

Here you go...

1967 Mustang Restoration: Installing weatherstripping
Thanks lizer. One question did you apply the 3m to the entire strip at once or work in shorter segments. I will be doing this with my doors on the car.
I thought with the 3m super weatherstrip adhesive, you put a thin coat on both pieces and let dry, then you coat one piece or run a bead on it and squeeze them together, and it should bond almost immediately, so make sure your alignment is correct. Or has it changed since I used it last, I haven't bought any in the last 5-10 years, so I am using my old (not fool proof) memory. I can see your point, because trying to glue 8 ft of weatherstripping in one shot, could be a problem. Good Luck.
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I do like four feet at a time....put it on both pieces, give it a few minutes to tack, and then press on.

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Ok thanks for the help
Got one door done today. Doing this on the car is a PIA! Laying on my back trying to apply 3m adhesive to the bottom door channel. Any suggestions on a good way to do this?
Well removing the door, and getting it back on right is a bigger pain, so my recommendation is to just do it like you have been doing it, and it will be over soon. My 2 cts. Good Luck.
Yeah I'm not fitting those doors again.
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