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68 Fastback questions

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My 68 GT mustang It is a 100% original car (never been restored) but the 390 seized and was replaced.

The outside has the usual rust, nothing serious all repairable.

What would its value be at? I've been offerd 35,000 with no intention of selling but just curious.

The motor replacement is a 351C 2v, I'm wondering what its capable of. The previous owner said it was fully built up.
I've never been through the motor and it has been in awhile.

It idles about 1200 rpm, with a 850 holly carb, and edelbrock intake.
Its got a 4 speed in it, with a hurst supershifter kit w/e installed.
I was told it was putting out around 400 at the rear wheels,

but is it possible with this motor?

Would this motor be worth keeping and useing, or find another 390 and performance that out?

The fastback is full GT all the luxaries with 4.11 limitslip rear
This car may be all original but in the future its going to be a high performance restoration for me and my dad.

I hope someone can answer my questions :)

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The 68 Fastbacks are currently experiencing a high demand. Actually, that goes for all the fastbacks. Your car being a real GT only adds to that demand.

Without pics and a detailed walk-around, it is difficult if not impossible to determine value, but in my opinion, 35k is a fair offer. Especially with the non stock motor.

As far as 400 hp at the wheels, it may be true, but power claims often get fudged so don't be surprised if it is not 400.

Finding a 390 would increase its value, but how much is debatable.

What do you want from this car? You mention it will be restored. If you are looking to make money on it, going original is never a bad choice. If you are looking to drive and enjoy it, keep it the way it is in terms of mechanicals, and get the body work done along with a paint job. Then you can enjoy the car for what it is instead of an investment.

My personal choice for my car was to upgrade it with modern components and drive it daily.
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Since you have plenty of go with the current motor, why not spend some cash on an upgraded suspension and rack and pinion steering? This will help on the track a lot, since that is what you are thinking about doing. These mods really transform the way the car handles. You won't believe the difference. Trust me. :)
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