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68 Fastback questions

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My 68 GT mustang It is a 100% original car (never been restored) but the 390 seized and was replaced.

The outside has the usual rust, nothing serious all repairable.

What would its value be at? I've been offerd 35,000 with no intention of selling but just curious.

The motor replacement is a 351C 2v, I'm wondering what its capable of. The previous owner said it was fully built up.
I've never been through the motor and it has been in awhile.

It idles about 1200 rpm, with a 850 holly carb, and edelbrock intake.
Its got a 4 speed in it, with a hurst supershifter kit w/e installed.
I was told it was putting out around 400 at the rear wheels,

but is it possible with this motor?

Would this motor be worth keeping and useing, or find another 390 and performance that out?

The fastback is full GT all the luxaries with 4.11 limitslip rear
This car may be all original but in the future its going to be a high performance restoration for me and my dad.

I hope someone can answer my questions :)

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Yea, my dad had a 68 GT when they were fresh off the production line, he wrecked it ofcourse and found this 1 about 20 years ago, he daily drove it and got to the condition it is in today, it fires right up, and sounds beastily, my dad told me how when he first got the car he would always run into fox bodies looking to redlight race, and he'd blow them all off every time.

Never known what it would do at a track though, and thats sort of the direction we want to push the car.
Have fun going to car shows in it, take it down the track afew times a month and just a "go fast" way to it.

As a little kid my dad used to do burnouts in second gear with me in the rear seat giggling as the front end lifted off the ground.

So its that, father and son project for being a badass car, its why we didnt sell it.

Thought as a daily driver, its got front disc breaks, power breaks, power steering A/C everything from overhead lights ext from the factory. deluxe interior all original.

Me and my dad just finished the restoration of a 64.5 Mustang and its my daily driver right now, with a 260 v8 all original to it aswell.

We dont know what we plan todo to the car, but we thought of many things from keeping the 351c to getting a 390, porting some nice heads, flat top pistols port and polish ext everything to build a beast with what we already got.

The 68 is just my childhood dream car, and I hope to keep it till my own kids can ride in the back as I smoke some tires.
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The guy that wanted the car, fell in love as he put it, at the original factory parts and ext, he was a owner of a local vintage car restoration shop, and he explain to me that he always finds cars needing restoring that have been restored before, and incorrectly.

That starting with factory and ending as close to at that is what he wanted todo, but we refused every one of his offers.

and the 351 was installed by a ford dealership in 70 or 71 I believe, when the owner went to them about the seized 390.
But ofcourse many people have gone through the motor since then, beefing it up.

Should we work with what power we can make from 351c 2v? or look for some 4v heads?
or try buy a 390, port some bigger heads and make some power that way?
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