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'68 Mustang simple carb question.

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So I have a '68 with a '72 302 in it. I've already got it bored out and all that good stuff. It has a 2bbl on it but I want to put a 4 on it. I'm not one for using junk, but in a yard nearby there are actually a lot of older motors in really good shape. People there have common sense and actually shut the hoods! lol. Anyways....I know I could just grab an intake and carb off of just about anything but I was wondering if there were any specific years I should look for. I know there isn't going to be a huge change from one years intake to another. But I know some heads, they're direct swaps and actually have a little more pep to them. So I was just wondering about intakes and 2 cents from you guys. I'll probably just end up putting an Edelbrock on it anyways. Was just curious about this though. Thanks guys!
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Hello. :) Any 289/302 intake would work, but, the problem would be that it would almost certainly be cast iron, which is heavy. A new aluminum intake is significantly lighter, not at all expensive, and you wouldn't have to wonder if there was a problem of some sort, like a crack, an accumulation of crud in the water passages, etc... You could be spending money on the cast iron intake, only to discover that you need to spend more money at a machine shop because your intake is warped, so you end up spending more on the super heavy junk yard intake than you would have on the brand new aluminum intake. :)
I considered some of the stuff you said. Like it being warped and such. But like I said, a lot of the trucks/cars out there are in really good shape for their age and from sitting. I was just curious if there were any particular years that might have had a better intake than other years. I'm not one to use junk on my vehicles. Especially my Mustang. Was just a thought that crossed my mind. But thanks for the reply, really appreciate the feed back! :grin:
I was just curious if there were any particular years that might have had a better intake than other years.
I don't think so. They didn't change much at all. The various heads over the years had significant differences but not so much for the intake manifolds. One of the bigger changes was when they changed the machining to go from a road draft tube to PCV. But that had nothing to do with the intake passages in the manifolds.
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