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'68 Mustang simple carb question.

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So I have a '68 with a '72 302 in it. I've already got it bored out and all that good stuff. It has a 2bbl on it but I want to put a 4 on it. I'm not one for using junk, but in a yard nearby there are actually a lot of older motors in really good shape. People there have common sense and actually shut the hoods! lol. Anyways....I know I could just grab an intake and carb off of just about anything but I was wondering if there were any specific years I should look for. I know there isn't going to be a huge change from one years intake to another. But I know some heads, they're direct swaps and actually have a little more pep to them. So I was just wondering about intakes and 2 cents from you guys. I'll probably just end up putting an Edelbrock on it anyways. Was just curious about this though. Thanks guys!
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Hello. :) Any 289/302 intake would work, but, the problem would be that it would almost certainly be cast iron, which is heavy. A new aluminum intake is significantly lighter, not at all expensive, and you wouldn't have to wonder if there was a problem of some sort, like a crack, an accumulation of crud in the water passages, etc... You could be spending money on the cast iron intake, only to discover that you need to spend more money at a machine shop because your intake is warped, so you end up spending more on the super heavy junk yard intake than you would have on the brand new aluminum intake. :)
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