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69 Mach 1 in Sudan

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Hi guys!

I'm now working in Sudan -- North West Africa. (neither I am American). And guess what, I stambled across a 69 fastback Mach 1 Mustang here.
I am really tempted to buy it, though I am certainly scared.
The car is in pretty poor conditions, besides that the owner replaced the engine with 6 cilinder Nissan one ...
He claims though that he still has the original V8 but it has broken automatic transmission. I did not have a chance to see the engine yet so I have no clue if it can be repaired.
The car runs with the replacement engine.
Interior is far from nice looking, though it seems to have all original staff.
Bodywork seems to be relatively fine except for painting. It's a hot and dry climate here.
I could ask for your advise if I should buy it, but knowing you all are Mustang lovers I' d better perefrase it:
Do think it will be possible to rebuild it right here in Africa, given it is most likely the only Mustang for thousands and thousands miles around?
Will it really cost me fortunes to do that?
And then again, what would you say a car like that would cost in states, so that I can start my bargaining here from somewhere?
What specific things you would advise me to check out when I will be taking a more attentive look at it next time?
I know these are a lot of questions, but if I will buy it, there will be much more coming ...
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Thanx for answering. What do you recon buying a gearbox would cost me like? I've taken a look around the web, but got a bit confused ...
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