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69 Mustang 351W edelbrock problem

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Have an eldelbrock 1406 4 barrel on my Mach1 4 speed. Cannot get the throttle linkage (cable) to return all the way every time. Often sticks at 10,000+rpm at a stop. After market 4V throttle linkage bracket and a new throttle cable. Everything is clear and no apparent hang ups. Hate to stomp on the throttle every time I stop to get it to spring back all the way. Anyone else have this problem or a fix?
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Well, something is wrong, either the secondaries are sticking open or partially open or the primaries are sticking open or partially open, a partially open condition can make the rpms climb very high with light to low load, 10,000 rpms is very high for a 351. I would check the throttle linkage with the engine off and make sure the throttle is returning to the closed position on the primaries to start if they are then I would check the secondaries next, if they weren't returning to the closed position, then the return spring is weak or catching on something, or the butterflys are catching on something, or the cable is catching on something, this is a SERIOUS condition, if nothing else shut off the ignition with the key, pull the car over, and remove the air breather and look at the throttle plates to try and figure out the problem, otherwise you can blow the motor which can throw motor oil all over the exhaust and the tires which can cause the car to spin out and cause a lot of smoke neither is a good condition. Post your results. Good Luck.
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