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69 passenger fender removal?

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I have a 69 Grande coupe, 302 auto trans.
I'm trying to remove the passenger fender. I've removed the 6 top bolts, the 1 bolt inside the door opening, the two on the bottom just rear of the front wheel and the one bolt just in front of the wheel.

There appears to be a connection in the front somewhere.

How do I get this thing off? ANy advise or pictures would be helpful

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Check the small angle bracket that connects the head light extension to the radiator support. It has 4 bolts total. 2- attaching the bracket the HL extension and 2 that attach the bracket to the radiator support
I dont think its a good idea to try and remove the fender extension (headlight extension) from the front fender while its still on the car.

I attached a photo of the radiator support. I show the location you will find the location of the angle bracket we are talking about. I also included an actual photo of the fender extension with the bracket in question attached.

This should make things more easier to find


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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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