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6r80 transmission acting weird after a track day!!

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I would need your advice on a situation that I am currently facing, and couldn't get a scientifc answer to my case to all visits I paid to local mechanics. I drive a 2015 Mustang GT, that was like a charm ! The car has only 120,000 KM with 6r80 automatic transmission. I went to a track day for the first time, and after that the transmission started to behave wiered when changing from 3rd to 4th gear <lagging, jerking and even car goes into limp mode> after the track. there are ZERO erros, scanned by Forscan and LUANCH on the whole car. I then re-installed the stock air filter and loaded the stock tune (from JLT air filter and SCT pre-loaded tune), reset the KAM "Keep Alive Memory" expecting the car to go back to normal.

I drove it for 40 KM so far, but the problem seems to be still existing though it happens "intermittently". And yes, I smelled something in the track day but not sure where was it coming from. Again, ZERO error codes so far.

Could it be solenoid issue? is it the clutch? the tcm? Transmission rebuild is a pain in the a***
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I guess the transmission might have been damaged but it should be able to take a track day with no problem.

If you drove it in manual mode and held too low a gear for too long you might have hit the rev limiter pretty hard, but I think that should not do any damage.

I'd make sure I got a real good computer reset before going any further. If you are not sure, disconnect the battery for about a half hour and see if that makes any difference.
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