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73mm front caliper upgrade&brake lines, 1989 Mustang GT

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Im trying to put the 73mm calipers on my 89gt and am having trouble finding stainless steel brake line kits that match. Any leads to a company that makes a three line kit would be greatly appreciated.:gringreen
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They sell the 73mm Calipers. I'm sure they have the brake lines to match.
this is the kit i used when i upgrade calipers

hope this helps.....

Russell Performance 693010

Russell Performance 693010 - Russell Street Legal Brake Line Kits -
Instead of brake "line" it's brake "hose". The brakes lines are the hard, steel lines attached to the chassis. The hoses are the flexible, rubber (or in this case rubber-lined braided steel) hoses going from the hard lines to calipers and rear axle assembly.

The size of the caliper piston matters none. Brake hoses for 60mm calipers will fit 73mm calipers.
I'm doing my 73mm upgrade on Monday as well. I had trouble getting the "Russell" steel braided hoses. "Earl's performance plumbing" has the kit, part # 28B040ERL for 89-93 mustang front discs

Earl's Performance Plumbing, Hoses, Hose Ends, and Brake Systems
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