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79 mustang keeps cranking after start

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so i hop in my mustang like any other day go to start it and when it turns over i keep hearing the starter trying to crank. i imediatly turn the key off and it is still cranking. it stops after about 20 seconds. i think wtf this has never happened before so i go for attempt number 2. no luck same thing happens. so i pop the hood and cant see anything out of the ordinary. turn the key here it again so i look. its this little black cylinder about 3 inches long with the positive end of the battery connected to it smoking and the car keeps trying to turn over. what does this mean and what has gone wrong. i couldnt get any pictures attached so in the mean time maybe someone that know what im talking bout can comment back.
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That is the starter solenoid gone bad
its 10$ at advanced, and they are always in stock.

Its something very common to go wrong with them.
Takes about 5 minutes to swap

take + cables off and starter cable off and igniton plug off
unbolt the two ground bolts
swap it
now go backwards in the steps
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did that

so today i bought the solenoid tried to start it again and after getting it to do more than glug the problem persisted. i then went to the next likely source, the starter. spent a large chunk of the day finding a way to remove this coffee can size part from my so tightly cramped undercarrage. took it to advanced auto and said it was drawing over 250 amps. so got a new one to be picked up tommorow and hopefully the problem is no more. :)
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