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8.8 Spool with 31 spline axles

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have been searching for hours and cant seem to find the answer. Spool with c-clip eliminators and 31 spline axles meant for c-clips? will that work or do i need to buy special axles without the cut for c-clips or what? Thanks.
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Thanks! So, just so I have this right before I spend a bunch of loot. Strange eliminators with regular 31 spline axles (just have to cut down the axle tubes), and spool. uedlose- do you have a link for the "big bearing" version? I appreciate the help! Car transmission completley seized on me the other day after I got into it a little bit and as soon as I let off the gas, everything locked up (trans/rear). I thought I salvaged the rear but then...the car wouldnt even roll in neutral so, might as well just redo everything the right way. Motor is still okay tho (thank god). mods of any kind with a stock AOD do NOT get along. haha.
Never mind. Found em. Thanks again!!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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