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8.8 Spool with 31 spline axles

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have been searching for hours and cant seem to find the answer. Spool with c-clip eliminators and 31 spline axles meant for c-clips? will that work or do i need to buy special axles without the cut for c-clips or what? Thanks.
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You can use c-clip axles with the eliminators but you have to have the eliminators on the ends of the axles to do so and run a spool. you will also have to cut a small amount off the tubes.. you can have 9in ends welded on or you can get the eliminators from Moser or strange I have the Strange on one of our cars and have been running them for years with no issues with leaks at all mine are the big bearing ones. I have Moser on the other car but have never run it. Friend of mine runs the Mosers on his and also has had no problems with leaks. Thats the thing people say they leak and they will if not installed right. I like the Strange big bearing ones over the Moser any day but that is me. The Strange is a much better design. IMO
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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