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8" and 8.8" Differential Parts Interchange?

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I have an 8" Dif with 2.79 gears and an AOD trans... way to high a final ratio. I was looking for a replacement ring and pinion, went to Summit Racing, and saw that the part# was identical for both the 8" and 8.8" ring and pinion!

Anyone know if these two use the same ring and pinion (or is this a typo) and IF they are the same, is the carrie interchangable as well ( I have access to an 8.8 ring and pinion and posi unit)..??

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The low numberical 8" axle gears were 2.80:1 - 28 teeth to 10 teeth. When I replaced my ring and pinion about a year ago no one was selling anything lower than 3.00:1 so I don't know what you are seeing at Summit (which is where I bought my gears).

No, I am pretty sure the gear sets for those two axles would be different.

Not absolutely nothing, they do share the same pinion nut!
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The only thing the same is the pinion flange nut
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