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So I start my car evs up to 2 on the rpm then down to a little bellow 1 a hair or so. Shes fine for about 5 mins. Then idles horrible up and down to almost a stall shakeing then after a few mins she warms up past 150 and shes fine holds and idle just bellow 1 on the rpm guage. If I attempt to drive her before she warms up to 150 and this happens while moveing when she is in gear she will jump and buck until I take her out enless I have the pedal down. I can rev her and hold idle dureing this time. But not on her own. she has stalled out twice while in this bad idle stage of warm up in the last 3 months. But she usually does not. she will run fine hits 100-120 then ****** idle until 150. Then fine again. When I got her she had no O2s no temp sensors so I put in new O2s temp sensors ect and act. I also replaced the plugs and wires. Im thinking the TPS is this possible? I have no codes left. If anyone has a clue what this could be please let me know. Ive never had this issue in a car before. Thank you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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