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86 svo O'BOOST EGO light?

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What exactly does this light mean? When I googled it the only answers I got was that it means your low on oil but i've checked my oil twice and i'm above the safe mark on the dipstick. And sometimes this light doesn't come on. Also the engine is only idling when this is going on.
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check the oil level sensor in the pan. It's probably going out.....or the connector is pooping out
So this not a check engine light as well?
So this not a check engine light as well?
the SVO does not have one.
Check Engine Lights (CEL) were part of the OBD system, which wasn't created until I believe 1994 then upgraded to OBD2 in 1996.
my 87 88 and 90 stangs had a check engine light i just had to add a bulb. don't know why the factory left the bulb out cause the cil worked after installing them. anything with efi and a self diagnostic port under the hood should have a cil, but the svo's were a different animal, now the eec iv diagnostic port under the hood contained the same wire that grounded the cil light, its the same signal that would flash the codes into the code reader, so you could probabally add a cil if the svo didn't come with one, but again i know nothing about svo ecu's just the regular stangs and 87 88 turbocoupes, sorry if this got off topic, thought you might like a check engine light.
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i only really read what had been written and commented on that but i think i missed what the subject says does o' boost mean OVERBOOST? i don't know about the svo but i know the merkurs had a overboost buzzer that went off at 18 psi, is this possabally what your talking about? overboost would be bad. either a vacuum leak or a siezed or broken wastegate actuator. i don't know what else this light could mean. low oil should say low oil. maybe the other svo owners may know.
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OK, I will say this is a malfunction of either the oil level sensor or the connection/wiring. It shares the circuit with the Overboost light on the 1986 SVO. No Mustang had a CEL up until '86. After that, I have no clue, and it doesn't pertain to the subject matter anyway.

Whatever. Hope you figure it out.
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that makes more sense now, thanks for clarifying.
Though my oil level sensor is good, my boost set to 15, and oil level where it should EGO light comes on every time I stop at a gas station no matter what. If I go anywhere else, no light. A gas station....light on. Weird as hell.
My dog loves to go for rides in the car except the days I take her to the vet. Maybe your car just doesn't like the gas station?
LOL sorry just couldn't resist.
Maybe so Carolina....I only go to the station once every week and a half. :D

Unlike my wife's Tahoe.
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