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First time here and hope we all can solve this problem for my buddy.
The car is a 87 mustang,with a 5.0 motor that built and run in a nother car,so there is no problem as for the motor.
Motor was installed into the 87 stang with the SD system and needed to be converted.
Some one tried to it and failed,and then used a 89 wiring harness,engine harness only as far as I know to make it run,still does not start or run.
I have found that you need to modify the wires at the ECM and other kick panel harnesses on the drivers and the passenger sides??
Some of the problems I have found so far.
No power to the fuel pump relay,no 2 second priming
No power to the coil,injectors,and from the wiring diagram alot of other things as well
Fuel pump works if you supply power to the pink wire,so I know its a wiring problem or getting the ECm to activate the system.
At the boostar there is a connector and a wire that if you supply power to it,car will run for a few seconds and die,as long as the power is to the fuel pump.
I have removed the so called alarm system that some one removed all the fuses to,and wiring,and reconnected the wiring back to stock.
ECM has been tested on a nother car,so thats good.
Have not done these before but with some time and proper way to do it,should turn out good.But need some big time help.If any one has done these before,give me a quick call to mark your number down and I call you back on my dime.
Mrmopartech,514 659 0445cell 450 424 0445 home email is: [email protected]
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