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88 Crown Vic 5.0 Into my 82 GT

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There is a 88 Crown Vic with a 5.0 and fuel injection for $100 and i was thinking about buying it to put it in my 82 GT. Since mine is carbed. Does anyone know if this is possible ? Also with my tranny and bellhousing work for the 88 motor ? I got told they are the same exact motor expect the crown vic has a different cam. Any info would be great.

Also what wiring harness would i need ?
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Get some E7 heads from an 87+ model and some good headers, then go to town.
The 'Vic motor is not a roller-cam setup.
If you're wanting to convert to fuel injection swap, find a 5 speed Mass Air '89-'93 from which you can take EVERYTHING - motor, computer, ALL engine related harnesses - there's alot of 'em, as well as the rest of the driveline and brakes.
If you're gonna stay carbed, the 'Vic motor could be a good foundation. Throw in a cam (at least as radical as the 351 Marine) and a good intake and carb with the heads and exhaust.
I think I'm gonna post a pic of my beloved old '82. She's been gone 6 years now...:sosad: :sterb:
That Vic motor is essentially an '86 Mustang HO spec motor, with cast pistons and a wimpy cam, but it is still a roller. If you are going to use it, upgrading to E7's(check p to v clearence), an '87 upper intake annd tb, and an '86 and up Mustang HO cam. BTW, the cams that came in '82-'84, and '85 CFI Mustangs that is commonly reffered to as the "Marine Cam" is actually from a '72 351W Torino, the "Marine Cam" was considered, but never made production in a Mustang.
Ok im a lil confused cause one of you said its a roller motor the other said that it isn't, does anyone else have any info on this ? What are the E7 heads ? Are they the heads that came on a 86+ mustang gt ? The reason that im interested in this crown vic, is because its $100 and its fuel injected, for the whole car. And supposedly it ran before he parked it, but he thinks the fuel pump is bad so it wont start but if you put gas through the intake it will fire. Also does anyone know about the computer and what im going to need to do ? Because the crown vic is auto and my car is manual. Any help is appreciated. Thanx guys
I thought that the 'Vic wasn't a roller, but I've been wrong before. I thought that the 'Vics used the 15426378 firing order, like the trucks and older 302s. So I assumed non-roller. We need FoxChassis to rule on this.
The E7TE heads came on all '87 and up 'Stang H.O.s. The '86 motor was a one-year-only deal in the Mustang. The heads are different (most people say not as good as the ones before and after) as are the pistons, which are taller and can cause clearance problems with other head/cam combos. I've heard that the Speed Density cam in the '86 works wonders in later Mass Air motors, and is the same as the '93 Cobra. The '85 and earlier heads are not too far off the mark of the E7TEs, but you really want something like any of the GT40s, or better. Stockers will still get you around town in front of many other cars.
If you are gonna use the 'Vic as a donor, I highly recommend a schematic for both cars, as the harnesses will be different. You'd need an FI fuel delivery system from a 'Stang (tank, pump, lines). With an automatic computer, you don't want to connect the neutral safety switch circuit to the manual car - just use a toggle switch. The car has to be in neutral to give out error codes, and to properly learn to Idle. I'd get the 'Vic, yank the motor, computer, and all related harnesses. I'd keep the tranny too. The best thing you could do though, is get the computer and all of the wiring from an '89-'93 5.0 5 speed stang. It's alot of stuff - including the clutch pedal switch which ties into the neutral switch circuit, but it's worth it IMO, because the car can be serviced by anyone wo knows 'Stangs. Engine electrical systems which consist of cobbled together harnesses can be hard to troubleshoot for anyone - sometimes even the person who put it together. If you were to end up with a 15426378 motor, and a 13726548 computer and wiring, you could still change the injector order and have it work, just get a spare injector harness to butcher.
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