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88 GT Brake Upgrade Choice

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So i just put on my black 03 cobra rims 4 lug, and noticed my brakes really suck now, and i already bought the 4 lug rims, so 5 lug conversion is not an option. but i saw 2 options for me on LRS, either get the slotted rotors for the front, or the 73mm twin pistion calipers. Right now both would be too much money so i want to know which is going to make the most stopping power difference? the caliper or rotor?
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the calipers would be beter of the two, if you go with better calipers, and a quality set of pads it should stop better, for the best stopping power go with organic brake pads, they bite great, but they have alot of dust, and they dont last as long as semi metalic pads.
Use hawk pads and better calipers. Rear disc is the best option.
why is calipers better vs slotted dics?
and do they make rear discs in 4 lug?
I have 4 lug rear disks on my 88. SSBC has a kit, and it is what i used. My brakes were shot all around when i got the car, so my first major upgrade was front and rear upgrades... much better.
Rear kit is A112-1.
SSBC :: Part Finder
calipers will help more because they will provide more clamping force on the rotor, and slotted and/or drilled rotors really only cool better iirc
Something else to consider: I just purchased Maximum Motorsports BP-1 stock Fox brake upgrade kit. Comes with stainless braided lines, steel caliper sleves and Hawk HPS pads. MIght compliment those twin piston 73mm calipers nicely. I'm about halfway through the installation so if you can wait another week, I'll post my opinion of them.
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