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88 Mustang died have no spark can anyone help?

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Hey guys my 88 5.0 died on me on my way home from work pushed in to a parking lot and messed around with it and there's no spark. I changed a bunch parts that I had spares for I changed the coil ,distributer ,the module on the distributer ,throttle post sensor ,iac sensor, coil wire to distributer . havent got out yet with my test light and meter yet tho anything I should look for or any help at all would be great !
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You addressed all the things I was going to mention. Maybe a ground issue or damaged wire going to coil? Also maybe check rotor cap. Making bad contact? Maybe take some steel wool and rub all over the contacts to assure a good contact surface.
Thanks I'll give it a shot when I get chance to mess around with it
plus one on the ignition switch , this is going to sound really lame but did you check the mercury switch in the back i have seen these pop and shut fuel off from hitting a pot hole. Just something to check.
Ok so I got a new ignition swith from late model restoration that didnt do any thing feels beter when I turn the key on tho and yes also checked the switch in the back and have fuel pressure and power at the injectors the cap and rotor do look good its only about year old and I havent really driven the car much this year im stumped...
Also checked the ground from the battery to the block then from the back of the engine to the firewall and those are good
I had this same EXACT problem and it turned out to be the ECU relay. Give that a shot. Almost guarantee that has to be it.
Thanks ill try it tonight when ihen I get home from work thanks
Did you have any luck with the ECU relay?
does the car start at the solenoid if you jump it, this can eliminate any ignition issues and show where to go from there.
I havent gotten a chance to mess around with it I have tried jumping the solenoid tho and still nothing its hard to get out to work on it I have a 1 yr and a 2 yr old will keep you guys informed tho when get a chance thank you guys
Ok so I tested the relay behind the pass side kick panel next to the computer it works turns on and of used a test light and felt it click. Cleaned up the grond on the coil bracket got a slight spark after that rhen nothing new wires and rotor pulled the spout connector to set the timing and then it had spark and would not start still ??
I think you may have to check the ground for the battery to the engine, this sounds more and more like a power wire issue i would check the ground and then go to the power wire to the solenoid if you cant jump it at the solenoid you have no juice what so ever, if you can it eliminates a lot of problems, check all connections it sounds like a wire is either corroded grounding out or burned up. Or you just have a flat out old bad connection but try jumping at the solenoid. I see you checked the ground in an earlier post by checking did you take them off clean the metal and wire and reattach? a bad ground can look fine visibly
Ok still no spark with the spout in take it out there is spark but it wont fire spray some starting fluid and it starts off the fluid than dies
I know you said you already changed the module on the distributor (and I'm assuming you mean the TFI), but what about the PIP sensor under the rotor? Someone had recommended I check that, when I ran into my problem.
I did try a hole different distributer that came out of a running engine unless that one some how went bad idk
Ok was out again last night tried another known working distributer still no spark and fuel injectors not firing but have power and when I put the spout plug I get spark and the car will fire up if I spray starting fluid in injectors still not firing maybe computer went bad ? I did also checked the main grounds they were good
check for bad/corroded wires on the connector to the distributor.Clean them up and apply some dielectric grease.
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