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88 sd bogs at 4000 parts conglomerate

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Well back story on the car first. 1988 lx swapped to v8. Was originally carbed but changed to speed density fi. Block and heads are all 1986 parts. E6se casting numbers. Factory intake, ported, 65mm throttle body from an explorer. heads have mild porting. No egr or smog. Cats gutted, straight piped, bbk shorties. Computer and harness from an 87 lincoln towncar. Motorcraft spark plugs, frpp wires, new parts store distributor, street fire coil. Trickflow high flow fuel pump, external. This motor is non HO per firing order, no cam installed since ive had it but new timing chain. 5 speed trans.

now, car has always struggled in hi rpm, probably the cam. It had white top black body injectors that i swapped to orange 19 lb ev6 injectors. Now its worse, bogs bad at 4k, driving or free revving. Can feather higher but then feels like you just left off the throttle. Idle surges but im less worried about that. Fuel pressure in spec, 42 psi during bog. Previous dist. Was retarding timing to about 15 degress ATDC, new dist. Fixed that. Tried another coil, has new map sensor, no change. Timing set at 10 degress. Tps set to 0.98V. 4.68V at WOT.New oxygen sensors. Both stay about 0.8V during bog. Ive added reduntant grounds to the block,. It pulls great until it craps out. All other sensors new. No vacuum leaks, steady at 15in hg at idle. No relevant codes, only can chech koeo. If you have the mythical wiring diagram where the nss input is please inform me. Im sure im missing a few other things.
Any ideas? I have no intentions of converting to maf, so dont tell me that. Just wondering if any one has a glorious idea or something im missing. Worst comes to worst ill put the other injectors back in but really thought these ev6s would be an improvement.
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Do your research on Towncar EEC. Believe non-ho is 14lb injectors. Computer thinks its firing 14lbs/hr. But you're squirting 19lbs/hr.
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