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Here are a few pictures showing my 3G swap, mega fuse, ground, and positive mods.

The mega fuse is mounted with a plate onto the alt/power steering bracket. This was a compromise, I had wanted to put it on the strut tower but I already have too much stuff there. After mounting it, I see that I am going to need to do a bit of grinding on the plate. I didn't want to use a plate, but the bracket is just about a half inch too narrow for this fuse housing to bolt onto.

I wanted to add a better ground, so I took a 3/8ths (I think) bolt and ran it through an existing hole on the strut tower. I used external tooth washers on both sides along with sanding down to bare metal. The bolt is attached with a nut, and then I put the ground cables on it with another bolt. So the battery ground cable now goes here, and another cable (both 1 gauge) goes from here to the original ground point on the engine.

Using the 1 gauge cables proved to be too much for the starter solenoid ( too thick to fit everything on the bolt ), so I used a junction block I had laying around left over from my Ranchero and mounted it to the strut tower. The alternator charging cable (only 2 gauge:grin:( I had a couple brand new 2 gauge cables laying around) ) from the mega fuse goes here, as does the battery positive cable. I also have most of the harness positive that used to go to the solenoid here as well.
This will also serve as a convenient positive source when I add relays for the fan and headlights, and any stereo stuff later on. Can also use this as a good jump start point away from the battery.
Then I ran another 2 gauge (for now, will upgrade to 1 gauge when I get some more cash) to the solenoid. The solenoid to starter cable is the only one I have yet to replace. That will also be a 1 gauge.
The one gauge cables are from Tractor Supply, and they are not much more cash than the 2 gauge from places like Autozone. I like overkill on electrical stuff.



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Thanks Maurice
Also added this info to the sticky in tech under the 3G section.
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