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89 covertible motor wireing ?

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good day

I have a? my convertible top motor has two wires coming from it a yellow and a red and thay hook to the wires of the same color from the relays but i have black wire [ground] hooked to body were do you hook that wire ?

thank you
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Wiring diagram. Looks like both of those wires are hot either in the up or down mode. [Only 12vdc to one wire at a time.[NOT BOTH AT SAME TIME] Then the black is ground. Maurice
In other words according to the diagram
Battery to red gets the top to go up
Battery to yellow get the top to go down
Black stays attached to body all the time.
Hope that is clear if not just ask. Maurice
black from motor to body. Maurice
I almost didn't look at this thread. Best to start new thread make it more searchable and people notice it. Try this may help. I am same shape as you later on got to replace one on the 93 SHO project. Maurice
How to install a convertible top on a 1983-1993 Mustang Sample footage - YouTube
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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