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'89 Mustang 2.3L questions

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Ok, I just got myself a 1989 Mustang LX 2.3L as my first car. But even before I got it, the A/C and door locks do not work at all. Also the radio display seems to be too low, its very hard to see.

As for my knowledge of cars, it is very limited. The door locks do not work at all, won't lock with key, or pushing it down in car, or the power door locks..... I have checked all the fuses and they all look ok, and i am basically stumped.

If anyone would know how to fix these problems, that would be great :)

I posted this into here after getting no replies in other thread, I think it fits better in here.
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yea my 93 had that same problem, its pretty common, you need new door lock actuators, you can find them on ebay pretty cheap or go to your local auto parts store, its an easy fix, but it takes some automotive knowhow.
Ah, i was thinking about the actuators, just didn't know if that were to be the problem, thanks, i shall give it a try.
A "quick" fix for your locks: My 89 2.3L had the same problem. I didn't want to bother with buying new parts (broke college student), so I had the motors removed. They were apparently ceased up. Now the locks work fine, and you won't miss the electrical switches.
I have an 89 fox-body hatchback. same thing with the doors and I cant find out what kind of automatic transmission it has in it........ really hoping it isn't an A4LD auto transmission parents had an areostar with that trans and they replaced it 4 times in 3 years. any guess one what mine might have?
if your trans has overdrive then it is an a4ld. a4ld was the only auto trans with overdrive ford put in fox mustangs.

but you really need to start your own thread rather than hijack an old one. most members will ignore a thread hijack because it will contain more than one persons problem and its a big pain to try and sift thru all the old posts.
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