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89 mustang start the car up and stalls right off

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ok i've been trying to figure this problem out now for a couple of weeks. the car starts up fine, runs for maybe 2 or 3 seconds and then stalls but will start right back up without hesitation. if i play with the gas the car will stay running but as soon as i let my foot off the gas it stalls out. i changed a whole bunch of parts like the TPS, the EAC, the MAF, i checked all my vacuums really carefully for leaks, they seem to be all ok but today i found this relay under the hood passenger side by my air filter box and if i shake that relay i hear that its shattered inside. i think its the WOT cutout relay. what does that relay do? also if i would try to leave with the car its like something makes it cutout and jerk. all this started ever since i changed my motor before it was fine. its a 351w with a super victor intake converted to fuel injected. i love fuel injected but if i can't find my problem i'm about to slap a carb on it. any help or suggestions would be appreciated. thanx
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and i also forgot to mention it was the same kind of motor in it before i changed it with the exact same setup
umm im no expert but i went through that just a second ago, I replaced all those things too, it ended being my eec-iv...but thats just me, if that relay is clicking then replace it,its 10 bucks.. or test how much if any voltage is running FROM it...but again i have a stock check on the injecters...if there compatible...are thy 19lb???that could matter...PS that relay in my mustang is the fuel relay
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sorry didnt see the same motor set up part...yea mine did the same thing if i keep my foot on the gas it would stay running as soon as id lift my foot of boom it would stall..i took the computer apart it was the compasitor..a blue cylinder looking thing
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