When you think city car most people jump to Focus or Fiesta, potentially even the new Ford Escape. Today I'm here to change that perception, here are 9 reasons why the Mustang GT is the perfect city companion.


1. It's a Very Fast Car With No Top

435 ponies and 400 lb-ft of twist is no joke. With that much torque it's very difficult to lose the stop light Grand Prix.


2. Walks Out of the Hole With Ease

Speaking of torque, the GT actually walks itself out of the hole. The EcoBoost Mustang I had back in May needs a few more revs to get it going comfortably, but the 5.0 literally just needs the clutch let out.


3. Noise! 

Do you know how good 4,500 rpm sounds bouncing off the skyscrapers? Do you know how fast cyclists get out of your way when you throw it down a gear and boil the revs behind them?


4. Drop the Top, See the World

We're talking 360 degree visibility with the top down, any visibility qualms with the fastback are quashed with the convertible. Even with the top up, the small quarter windows improve visibility tenfold.


5. Stylish and Sleek

Girls you know and girls you knew will continue to call you on your cell phone once they find out you just brought a pony home. Conversely for women, prepare for the boys to fall over themselves when you cruise by top down, shades on.



6. Lithe and Nimble

The Mustang GT has never handled this well and it's perfectly sized to slice through the city slog. Despite it's performance prowess the Mustang GT is also surprisingly supple; the new independent rear keeps the back from bouncing around, and the front end soaks up bumps and broken pavement with joy unlike the Camaro which will gnash and rattle your teeth out on anything but perfect pavement.


7. Reversible

Despite the visibility advantage with the top down, the standard reverse cam is a blessing in disguise when parallel parking in tight spots or reversing out of my back alley driveway.


8. Fuel Economy

I averaged 18 miles per gallon in combined driving--and that includes voluntary hooliganism-- beating it's official 17 mpg EPA rating. Granted, you can turn it into a pig if you want to; I burned through my first tank of gas at 10.6 mpg...


9. Speed to Escape the Slog

Need to get out of the city to save your sanity? The Mustang has speed in spades, and it's a great highway cruiser to boot, shove it in 6th gear and just go, it's got enough power and torque to build speed even as you deal with the ebb and flow of traffic.