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90 something camaro kill

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i was out last saturday night with my friend when we saw a black 90 something v8 camaro. we quickly flipped a B and caught back up with him. he revved his engine and thats all i needed to confirm a race. i got him at the next stop light and proceeded to rape him up a fairly steep hill while his engine made all sorts of noise but had nothing to back it up. i let him catch up and we did a proper 40 mph rolling start. i outran him farily easily. we got to another light and i yelled to him,"how does it feel to get smoked by a V6?" haha good times.
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the 93-02 style
that thing was crap

dont get me wrong, ive had the same treatment from camaros stomping me. but i just thought it was hilarious.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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