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90k Service time for my 2006 convertible... are coil packs needed?

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Hello all, my 2006 V6 'vert will hit 90,000 miles this week.

Am pondering what spark plugs & wires to buy.

Am also wondering, do I really need to change out the coil pack?

Anyone with personal experience please chime in... I'm on vacation next few days and I'm looking forward to some 'alone' time with my baby lol!

So far, will replace:

Spark plugs
Spark plug wires
Oil filter
[clean] JLT air filter
Fuel filter

& of course check/ top off all fluids.

BTW-Do our machines have any lube points?????
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Normally the Coilpack should not wear out at 90k, but when you are re-wiring, why not jump on the 80Bucks and install a new (better) one, so you can Gap you Plugs wider. while it´s only 2 Screws more to take off.
I´m at 25k and orderd one :winks
Maybe you should have a look at the Diff Fluid, or Change it, if you use the Stock 7.5 Rear Diff.
Have you inspected/changed the Automatic Trans Fluid? I think it should be done at 60k but I´m not sure about that.
Inspect the Belt for Wearing or cracks, and have a look at the Crank pulley, It seems to Fail on some Cars (disintegrating..)
Steering Ball Joint play should be looked on to... generally, have a look around and under your Car for worn out Parts. :yup:
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I don't think there are any real noticeable gains from an upgraded coil on this car... correct me if I'm wrong guys. I wouldn't replace it if it wasn't broken.
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